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Are You Considering Family Law Mediation in Westport CT?

If you are getting a divorce or are having a family dispute related to alimony, child custody/visitation and/or child support, you may be considering family law mediation in Westport Connecticut.  For those without any experience with the mediation process, you should know that family law mediation in Westport Connecticut has become an increasingly popular method of resolving family related disputes within the state.

Family mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that can assist families in resolving their disputes more amicably than by filing petitions or motions in court, and/or if petitions or motions have been filed, can help you resolve the issues more smoothly than by proceeding with court hearings or trial.  Additionally, the mediation process works better to preserve the “family relationships” than traditional litigation.  Mediation sessions are generally more informal than court hearings.  This informal and confidential environment helps to promote an atmosphere of trust, cooperation and understanding amongst the disputing parties.  This is the solid foundation upon which mutually acceptable settlement agreements must be based.

The mediator’s job is to ensure that the parties have the opportunity to voice their points of view and be heard in a safe and confidential environment free from attack or coercion.  Parties who mediate their family law disputes have greater control over the outcome than if a family court judge made the decisions for them.  Once an agreement has been reached, the mediator typically memorializes the terms into a written document, which will then be submitted to the court to accept to resolve the pending motion or case.  Because parties to the family law mediation are in control of the results, they are more likely to stick to the terms of their agreement for the long  term.

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