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How Child Custody Mediation in New Haven CT Leads to Success

Child custody mediation in New Haven Connecticut applies the basic principles of mediation to resolve custody disputes.  This process is led by a neutral third party who uses conflict resolution skills to guide parents to reach a resolution of their case and to avoid litigation.  Child custody mediation in New Haven Connecticut is a transformative process that has the potential to lead to sound decision-making, the reconciliation of different perspectives and other positive benefits.

During mediation, the mediator guides the parties and facilitates conversations between the parties.  Child custody mediation can often be a therapeutic experience where the parties are free to discuss difficult emotions, including pain and mistrust.  It also helps avoid more negative emotions that may come forth from continued litigation.

Child custody mediation is a collaborative process in which the parties are free to discuss their perspective on the legal issues, ask questions and talk about difficult topics.  A major point of focus during mediation is on preserving the parties’ relationship with each other.  Because the parties actively work on cooperating during this process, mediation can often help lay a new foundation for a relationship that has severed.  With careful communication, the mediator can often help the parties develop a better understanding of the other party’s opinions, decrease resentment, clear the air and adjust their relationship so that it focuses solely on the child’s needs.

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