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Common Residential Disputes in Fairfield CT

Real estate agent holding a toy houseResidential disputes in Fairfield Connecticut can be contentious, expensive and emotional as people fight over their homes and surroundings.  While every case is different, some of the most common residential disputes in Fairfield Connecticut include:

Purchase Agreement Disputes

A buyer and seller may enter into a purchase agreement.  However, many things can go wrong with these types of transactions.  For example, the buyer may realize that he or she cannot move as quickly as originally intended.  A home inspection may uncover problems with the home, making the buyer want to back out of the deal or making the seller resistant to making repairs.  When these issues arise, the parties may be tempted to either terminate the deal or litigate it.  However, other options may be available to assist with the amicable resolution of the problem, such as mediation.

Title Disputes

When there is a problem with title, the value of the home can be affected.  Additionally, the owner’s rights can be affected.  However, it may be possible to resolve issues related to title defects before closing in order to keep the deal intact.

Easement Disputes

Some buyers may purchase property that they do not realize has an easement by which other people have the right to access the property. When the parties do not agree on these issues, mediation can help them address the problems and work out a solution.

Takings Disputes

Governmental entities or private parties acting for the benefit of the public may be able to take the property that the owner has.  Mediation can help the parties reach a decision regarding a fair value of the property.

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