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Connecticut Financial Affidavits Updated 2014

As of January 2014, the Connecticut Judicial Branch adopted updated Financial Affidavit forms for submission in family court proceedings. The new forms are JD-FM-6 Long and JD-FM-6 Short.

Financial Affidavits in Connecticut must be submitted at various stages of a divorce proceeding, including pendente lite motions regarding spousal maintenance and child support, among others. Updated Financial Affidavits must also be submitted for post-judgment motions for contempt and motions for modification that raise issues concerning financial information.

As with the old forms, the new forms contain sections for parties to indicate a current financial picture by listing all income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. When a party’s financial picture indicates assets of $75,000.00 or more, the long form affidavit must be utilized.

In the MCLE New England publication “A Practical Guide to Divorce in Connecticut,” Attorney Tessitore explains in simple terms how to fill out these complex forms. To obtain a copy of the book, please visit

The Financial Affidavit is one of the most important documents to be filed in your family court matter, and discrepancies or errors in the data you submitted can be used against you.

Whether you are in a contested or uncontested family court matter, consulting with an attorney before submitting your Financial Affidavit can help you avoid pitfalls.

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