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Divorce Lawyer in Shelton CT Explains Common Divorce Mistakes

a man in his desk with a nameplate in front of him with the wordA divorce lawyer in Shelton Connecticut serves from a unique vantage point and often in the middle of the battlefield.  He or she can explain the carnage that may result a bitter divorce battle, and alternatively the positive routes one can take to avoid that.  A divorce lawyer in Shelton Connecticut is also in the unique position to identify and explain common mistakes made in the divorce process and to make recommendations on how to avoid them.

Choose Your Battles Carefully

Divorce is ridden with heavy emotions.  Sometimes, it inspires a fight reaction in which the parties believe that they have to fight regarding every single issue or risk losing some important interest.  However, sometimes the spouses start to fight over something that may not even be in their best interests, such as keeping the family home when neither is able to afford doing so.  Instead, parties should focus on what they actually need to create a secure future for them and their children going forward.

Getting Bad Information

Another common mistake is getting incorrect information from family, friends and the internet.  This can give someone the wrong belief about the legal implications of decisions regarding, for example, how to split retirement accounts or how to determine custody.  Instead, individuals should heed their attorney’s advice and recommendations, as that will ensure more accurate information which will arm you with the ability to make informed decisions.

Being Short-Sighted

Another common mistake is not focusing on the long-term and instead focusing on the short-term impact of the divorce.  Decisions made at this time can have implications for years to come, so it is important to have competent legal counsel during this time and to avoid making decisions from an emotional standpoint versus a logical one.

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