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Divorce Mediation in Shelton CT in High-Conflict Relationships

Mediation-Services-305x220Many people operate under the assumption that the only way to handle a divorce with a high-conflict partner is to go through a bitter and arduous divorce battle.  However, this process is likely only to add more conflict to a volatile situation.  A better alternative is to use divorce mediation in Shelton Connecticut  when dealing with high-conflict relationships.  While divorce mediation in Shelton Connecticut may run more smoothly in cases in which the parties generally get along, it can still be an effective way of handling divorce cases in all types of turmoil.

Mediation utilizes an impartial professional who helps the parties navigate an amicable resolution of legal issues that are plaguing them.  Divorce mediation can be tailored to high-conflict divorce cases when the mediator helps the parties vent their negative feelings in a safe manner.  A mediator can provide support and structure throughout the process.  He or she may encourage the parties to communicate their intense emotions during private caucuses rather than introduce them during times when the parties are together.

It is also important during high-conflict divorce for the parties to receive on-point advice regarding divorce and the possible outcomes of divorce when an agreement is not reached.  The parties should have a firm understanding of how a contentious case can unravel in court.  By pointing out the benefits of being able to reach a mutual decision in a more affordable manner and in which the parties can minimize the amount of time that they must spend with each other, they are often able to successfully resolve the case through mediation.

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