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Divorce Mediator in Shelton CT: The Essential Guide to Success

Divorce - Word with Broken HeartSimply selecting a divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut is not enough to ensure an efficient resolution of your case.  Instead, you want high quality mediation that ensures your divorce is peaceful and cost-effective while culminating in a fair agreement that serves your interests and those of your children.  A skilled divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut can often help this ambition come into reality so that your mediation agreement stands the test of time and avoids future conflict.

A skilled mediator will emphasize the flexibility that mediation offers over litigation.  He or she will explain that the mediator does not impose his or her judgment on your situation.  Instead, mediation allows the parties to maintain control over the process and come up with creative solutions that may not typically be made part of court orders.  The parties’ participation is encouraged and necessary because they often know best about the types of arrangements that might work for their lifestyles and the types that will not.

When the parties are taken outside of the adversarial process of litigation, they are often able to cooperate in a more meaningful manner.  They learn ways to communicate with each other through the facilitative techniques of the mediator, creating a new foundation for a better relationship that focuses on moving forward in a positive way instead of focusing on any negativity about the past or anger associated with the breakup.

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