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Family Law Mediator in Shelton CT Provides Three Steps to Harmony

love, family, phychology and happiness concept - young couple huA family law mediator in Shelton Connecticut often helps parents develop a positive co-parenting relationship by helping them come up with a custody and visitation (or parenting access) plan that is particularly suited to their needs and the best interest of the children.  A family law mediator in Shelton Connecticut can explain that the initial agreement is only the first step toward having a harmonious relationship.  Subsequent steps include:

Not Involving the Child In The Divorce Or In Interpersonal Issues

Positive co-parenting does not involve verbally bashing the other parent even if he or she has made a colossal mistake.  Doing so may only cause the relationship between the child and that parent to become strained.  Harming the child’s relationship with the other parent in this manner can further negatively impact the child by making the child feel insecure and helpless, as children look to their parents for stability.  No matter what happens between the parents, the children should be kept out of it.

Resist Behavior Stemming From Your Ego

Avoid becoming the parent that does not provide positive feedback regarding stories your child may share with you about happy or constructive moments had with the other parent.Trying to make yourself look like the “good” parent and the other the “bad” parent will only cause more turmoil and will add to the children’s confusion during an already difficult time.  Instead, maintain rules and have a balanced amount of fun, responsibility and structure in both homes, so that both parents support the other parent’s parenting style.

Keep Open Communication

Some children may manipulate situations so that they can get what they want when parents are going through a difficult time.  Some children may also learn how to pit their parents against each other to gain an advantage that the other parent won’t give.  However, if parents keep a united front and maintain an open dialogue regarding the children, they can minimize such tactics and maintain a better co-parenting relationship.

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