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Finding a Divorce Lawyer in Shelton CT Who Supports Mediation

Your choice of a divorce lawyer in Shelton Connecticut can have a significant effect on the eventual outcome of your case.  While every lawyer has a different skillset, experience and knowledge, it is important that you find someone who will support mediation if you have decided to pursue this avenue.  Mediation offers a number of benefits to participants, including the ability to go through a non-adversarial process that is much cheaper and faster than traditional litigation.  However, not all divorce lawyers in Shelton Connecticut support mediation.

Some divorce lawyers do not have experience with the mediation process.  They may aggressively fight for their clients’ interests in court and through negotiations with other attorneys.  While this experience is valuable, this approach is often misaligned with a client who wants to settle through the process of mediation and keep positive relations with the other party. There’s a way to protect your client while being supportive of the mediation process.

A lawyer who truly supports mediation can be a valuable asset during mediation.  He or she can advise clients on different settlement proposals and how these may affect other rights.  They can advocate for clients during mediation.  Additionally, if the parties reach an agreement, they can help draft or review the settlement agreement to ensure that the agreement accurately reflects their client’s agreement and interests.

As you look for a divorce lawyer to represent you, mention that you are interested in mediation.  Ask about their experience in this realm.  Avoid lawyers who seem overly aggressive or who do not listen to you.

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