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Gaining Balance with a Family Law Mediator in Shelton CT

Family at home relaxing on carpetA family law mediator in Shelton Connecticut assists families who are grappling with complex family law issues, including divorce, child support, spousal support and parenting plans.  He or she can prove to be an invaluable resource, saving the family time, money and frustration by avoiding a contentious litigation process in favor of a more amicable resolution.  A family law mediator in Shelton Connecticut helps a family regain balance during difficult times.

A family law mediator helps to level the playing field.  He or she is not representing either party’s interests.  He or she listens carefully to each party’s side in a neutral manner.  Each of the parties expresses his or her opinions on the family law matter.  Meanwhile, the mediator attempts to reconcile the parties’ differences in a fair manner that both parties are comfortable with.

Because mediation is entered into voluntarily, the parties are in control of the process.  One party does not have any greater power in mediation than the other.  The parties only sign an agreement if they freely and voluntarily agree to the terms.  They are often able to agree since they played a pivotal part in crafting the agreement.

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