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Handling an Estates Dispute with the Help of a Family Law Mediator in Shelton CT

Disputes amongst family members regarding estates tend to be some of the most contentious cases.  These cases pose particular challenges because they often involve a recent death of a loved one and complex family dynamics.  This heightened emotional state can quickly result in a nasty and public lawsuit.  However, a family law mediator in Westport Connecticut can help resolve such cases in a more amicable manner.  Additionally, a family law mediator in Shelton Connecticut can help foster positive relationships between family members so that they can come together during difficult times, rather than fall away from each other.

The primary advantage of family law mediation in this context is the ability to save money.  Lawsuits often drain the funds of an estate, so even the “winner” may wind up with nothing after the estate pays costly legal bills.

A family law mediator can help guide the parties and uncover the real reasons for the dispute.  Often, these disputes arise because adult children have different feelings or expectations than their parents had.  They may misunderstand what seems like a disparity in will or trust provisions.  Sometimes siblings who have lost touch use the dispute as a way to punish each other for harms committed in childhood.  Mediation can help heal these complex conflicts and promote a better understanding between relatives.

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