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Handling Residential Disputes in Westport CT Over Property Lines With Mediation

There are some neighbors that cannot reach an agreement about residential disputes in Westport Connecticut such as a boundary disputes, forcing them into a lengthy legal battle.  The result could be expensive and not lead to an outcome that works for everyone.  Through using mediation to handle residential disputes in Westport Connecticut, such as property line disputes, you can save time and money, all while also coming up with a mutually satisfactory solution to keep your neighborhood a friendly one.

Mediation for property line disputes does not work the same way as going to court does because the decision on how to resolve the dispute is not made by a third party, such as a judge, but is instead decided by the property owners who are involved in the dispute.  A mediator does not make decisions for the disputing property owners, but rather acts as a facilitator to assist the property owners in coming up with an agreement together.  Because of the different format that mediation has, as compared to court, there is a better opportunity for disputing parties to come up with an agreeable solution.

Mediation works especially well in residential disputes in Westport, Connecticut because it has a greater chance of leading to a solution that represents the needs of all of the property owners involved.  This, in turn, it helps  keep up good will and leads to less bitterness between the property owners, which have to continue to live in close proximity to each other.

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