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Hiring a New Haven Divorce Lawyer for Alimony Issues

Alimony can be a lifeline for those who are divorcing in instances where one spouse is in a better financial situation than the other.  A New Haven divorce lawyer can help you to get the best possible outcome for your alimony claim so that you can be sure you are financially stable after your divorce.

Alimony is a payment that a higher income earning spouse makes to the other lower income earning spouse either during divorce proceedings (pendente lite spousal support/maintenance) or after the divorce.  Alimony is meant to give a lower earning spouse financial (generally temporary) security while they get back on their feet to becoming financially independent.  Alimony in Connecticut can be temporary or for the remainder of parties’ life (which is rare these days and depends on the parties’ circumstances).

Alimony is a separate consideration from that of property division (the division of assets and debts).  Note that where property division is unlikely to be modified after a divorce is final, alimony is sometimes modifiable as to amount or duration (unless there is language in the separation agreement and divorce decree or a Judge’s decision after trial to the contrary).  Also note that alimony must be considered during the divorce process, and if not addressed, for example if either or both parties waive alimony during the divorce, the waiving party(ies) cannot come back later to that court or any other court to ask for it after the divorce is finalized.

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