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How Even Contentious Divorces Can Benefit From Divorce Mediation in Westport CT

Divorce is one of the most emotionally taxing processes a person can go through.  This can be exacerbated when spouses are behaving badly – fighting in court over little things for years and employing spiteful and petty tactics in an effort to upset the other.  With divorce mediation in Westport Connecticut, even those couples who seemingly cannot agree in the traditional litigated divorce context, may come up with a solution to many of their issues when in a mediation setting with a strong and experienced divorce mediator.  Nearly all divorce cases can and should be resolved outside of court, and so long as the couple are willing to make an effort to put aside their ego’s and game playing to look at the bigger picture and move onto the next chapter of their lives smoothly, they will save themselves countless hours and dollars in fees in costs versus a litigated divorce that proceeds to trial.

Spouses going through a divorce may be skeptical that divorce mediation can help them if the history of the case so far has been contentious. However, a divorce and family mediator is specially trained to assist disputing parties move through all sorts of issues to get past any impasse, so those parties can come up with a solution that they both can agree on and that will be a better alternative than the litigated option.

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