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How Family Law Mediation in Westport CT Can Take on Grandparents’ Rights

In recent years, the rights of grandparents to have visitation with their grandchildren has changed.  Because of this, there is a recognized standard that must be met for grandparent’s to be granted visitation in the family court system.  However, that does not mean that grandparents who want to have visitation but do not meet that standard have no options.  With family law mediation in WestportConnecticut, grandparents can work together with a child’s parents to work out a visitation agreement outside of the court system.  This way family members can work toward repairing broken family dynamics, and work out a plan that is in the minor children’s best interests.

Litigation over grandparent visitation rights can turn ugly, especially if any of the parties is feeling they are being unfairly treated by the courts.  With family law mediation, grandparents and parents can work together to avoid having to proceed through the court system, and utilize a process that is not litigious and more likely to create a solution that works well for all.  Since every party to mediation has the opportunity to have their desires tended to in an agreement, there is less of a chance that there will be bad blood remaining between parents and grandparents once the matter is concluded.  Additionally, when grandparent visitation issues are handled in mediation, it is more likely that at the conclusion there will be peace between all of the parties involved, and a sense of balance and unity back into the family unit may be restored.

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