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Mediating Divorce for Same Sex Marriage in Shelton CT

Mediation can be a great alternative to contentious and litigated divorces, including divorces related to same sex marriage in Shelton Connecticut.  For couples who wish to divorce amicably, mediation can be a great way to decide on many of the aspects of the divorce that would otherwise be heard by and decided by a judge.  For same sex marriage in Shelton Connecticut, deciding to mediate a divorce could result in an easier transition emotionally while also saving time and money on legal fees.

Mediation for same sex marriage does not work the same way as regular litigation in that, instead of having a judge hear aspects of a couples martial estate and make decisions on who gets what after a trial, the spouses work together to come up with a settlement with the aid and assistance of a mediator.  Nearly all issues related to a divorce can be settled in mediation, such as property division, spousal support and even child custody and visitation matters.

Couples who use divorce mediation often come awayfeeling positive about the final outcome – having both had input in creating the separation agreement they are more likely to follow it versus having terms of their divorce dictated to them after trial; and couples often have been able to maintain positive relations with their former spouse post-divorce because neither engaged in an adversarial and litigated process (which can create feelings of hurt, distrust, and disappointment that are not easy to forgive nor forget once the divorce is finalized).  Especially when couples share children, dissolving the marriage peacefully is so important toward ensuring the long-term emotional health of your children, and the amicable relationship you’ll need to foster to effectively as co-parent your children going forward.

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