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Mediating Employee Disputes in Bridgeport CT

Employee disputes in Bridgeport CT may arise from claims made under various state and federal employment laws.  Employee disputes in Bridgeport CT result in a significant number of lawsuits, and Connecticut employees may file claims against their employers in state or federal court, or through agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  However, employment dispute mediation has become an increasingly popular trend among employees and employers for resolving employment disputes outside of the agency or court system.

The most common employee complaints against employers involve allegations of discrimination, harassment, illegal disciplinary actions, and wage and overtime violations.  In spite of the time and expenses involved in employment litigation, both employees as well as employers may feel pressured to assert some sort of claim against the other party, which can prolong the matter further.  Employment mediation can be a less costly and less time-consuming alternative to a protracted employment lawsuit, since mediation costs can generally be shared among the mediating parties.

Employment mediation uses the knowledge and skills of a trained neutral third-party mediator to assist negotiation discussions between the disputing parties in order to help them reach a settlement agreement that is mutually acceptable to both the employee and employer.  While parties participating in employment mediation are free to hire their own attorneys, legal representation is not required.

If you are involved in an employment dispute and are considering mediation, you will need an experienced and trained mediator to assist you in your efforts to reach a settlement agreement.  Contact a local employment dispute mediator for a consultation.

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