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Mediation Issues Regarding Same Sex Marriage in Shelton CT

Same sex marriage in Shelton CT is a relatively new concept. Due to the different ways that same-sex couples were treated in comparison to opposite-sex couples, same-sex couples learned ways to provide legal protections when the law lagged behind. Even today, mediation can be used as an effective way to communicate rights regarding same sex marriage in Shelton CT.

Prenuptial Agreements

A mediator can help the parties reach a prenuptial agreement. A mediator does not act as the lawyer for either party but instead is a neutral professional who helps identify the parties’ interests. The mediator can help guide the parties to reach an agreement with which they are both satisfied. A prenuptial agreement can designate certain property separate, explain how assets will be treated in the event of a divorce and provide other provisions that protect the financial interests of the spouses. A mediator can help parties come up with a prenuptial agreement that serves both of their interests. The parties can still have their lawyers review the agreement before they make it official.

Custody Issues

One issue that applies to many same-sex couples is custody determinations. Spouses may bring children into the marriage from a previous relationship. They may have children during the marriage with the assistance of an egg or sperm donor. In these cases, it is important that the rights and duties of each party are clearly spelled out so that one spouse does not lose standing as a parent in the event of divorce or separation.

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