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Prenuptial Agreements for Same Sex Marriage in Shelton CT

Same sex marriage in Shelton Connecticut carries with it certain considerations that may not be contemplated in other marriages.   While the current laws provide the same basic legal rights and protections for people in a same sex marriage in Shelton Connecticut as they do for opposite sex marriages, these rights are more precarious.   For this reason and many others, many couples choose to create a prenuptial agreement to guard against the complexities that they may face as a married same sex couple.

One of the most complex aspects of a prenuptial agreement for same sex couples is the treatment of children.   When one parent is the biological parent or the biological parent is unknown, legal complexities can arise.   A prenuptial agreement can establish provisions regarding how the children will be raised and that both parents will have equal parental rights regardless of the biological connection.

Prenuptial agreements can also address property division matters.   This can be important when the spouses may have been together for a number of years but have only had their marriage legally recognized in recent times.   A prenuptial agreement can serve as a contract that the parties put in place to show how certain assets will be treated if the couple later decides to divorce.   Prenuptial agreements can also separate the liabilities that spouses have toward each other’s debts.

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