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How to Select the Best Divorce Mediator in Shelton CT

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When looking for a divorce mediator in Shelton Connecticut, there are many factors to consider.  Some ways to differentiate between different divorce mediators in Shelton Connecticut include:



It is important to understand the training that a mediator has receive.  Not all mediators are lawyers.  However, not all lawyers make good mediators.  It is important to understand the training and education that the mediator has received in relevant issues, such as collaborative law, conflict resolution and effective communication, and their knowledge about court requirements and procedural rules.



It is also critical to understand the level of experience that a mediator has.  He or she may have mediated a number of cases that dealt with issues similar to your divorce.  Being able to rely on this experience and pull from past solutions is important when the mediator also understands that every client is different.  If there are unique legal issues involved in your case, it is helpful to find a mediator who has experience with those issues.



Every mediator has a different style.  Some are very take-charge and direct in their mediation sessions.  They may be likely to inform participants of what the judge would likely decide in a particular case so the parties can approach the case in a realistic manner.  Others are more facilitative in their approach and spend most of the session talking about how a particular couple may be able to resolve their dispute.

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