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What Separates Legal Separation in Shelton CT from Divorce

Many couples pursue a legal separation in Shelton Connecticut before or instead of a divorce.  Legal separation in Shelton Connecticut has many similarities to divorce but also a few key distinctions, such as:

Less Finality

A legal separation is easier to rewind than a divorce.   This allows the parties to temporarily reassess their lives as single individuals and determine if this is what they want long-term.   Many couples may try a trial separation.   However, if they decide to renew their marriage, they can ask the court to dismiss the separation case.   However, if the parties do later decide to get divorced, they can get the legal separation agreement to convert to a divorce decree.

Maximizing Benefits

A key reason why people choose legal separation instead of divorce is because there may be financial or other benefits of remaining“married.” This may include saving money on taxes, maintaining health insurance for a spouse or maintaining legal immigration status.

Continued Connection

A legally separated couple continues having some legal ties together.   While some spouses may date during the period of separation, they are not legally permitted to remarry during this phase because they are still technically married to someone else, even if they are not living together.   In contrast, parties who get a divorce are free to remarry.

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