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A Smarter Divorce Solution through Divorce Mediation in New Haven CT

DivorceDivorcing parties who want to take an alternative path that avoids contentious litigation may explore the option of divorce mediation in New Haven CT.  This option often offers a better solution than traditional litigation.  Specifically, divorce mediation in New Haven CT typically provides the following benefits:

Fairer Resolutions

A mediator does not represent either party.  Instead, he or she is a neutral third party whose only goal is to help the parties reach a settlement outside of court.  Therefore, he or she has no incentive to push a particular agenda.  He or she helps bounce ideas off of the parties and helps explain each side’s perspective from a neutral standpoint.

Divorce Can Happen Sooner

When the parties litigate matters, this often causes substantial delays.  Lawyers for each side may have to complete discovery for each issue.  Expert witnesses may need to be retained and consulted.  Multiple hearings may be scheduled in court.  Mediation can often help the parties resolve all of their issues in divorce within one or a few sessions, allowing the divorce to proceed much faster and for the parties to move on more quickly.

Better Solutions

Mediation often helps the parties walk away with an agreement that is better than an outcome that they would have achieved in court.  Connecticut recognizes the parties’ right to freely contract so agreements can stand in a mediation agreement that might not be something traditionally ordered by the court.

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