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The Importance of a Divorce Lawyer in Westport CT When There Is a Financial Power Difference

When one spouse seemingly holds the “power”card in a divorce because they earn the majority of the money, the result could be that the two sides to a divorce may not be equally presented in court in the traditional litigation model.  A weaker spouse may think that they cannot afford a good divorce lawyer in Westport Connecticut, or that they can’t afford to counter the many contentious filings filed by their spouse, (which often do little to help a party gain an advantage in the case but rather drive up costs for both parties).  The fact remains that there are remedies out there for those who may lack financial power in a divorce.  A divorce lawyer in Westport Connecticut can help restore the balance of power and help a weaker party get the fair resolution they deserve by utilizing negotiation, mediation, and litigation to efficiently reach your goals, always cognizant of using the most creative and cost effective route to get there.  When interviewing attorneys, be sure to ask what kind of style each utilizes in handling divorce matters, whether only what needs to be done when it needs to be done occurs, with your participation and authorization, so that you’re involved in the process each step of the way, and so that the costs for each action are known to you ensuring you’re making an informed choice on how to proceed.

Just because a spouse is not on equal financial footing does not mean that they are at a disadvantage when it comes to protecting their rights in court.  In fact, the courts recognize that, even though one spouse may not have contributed financially as much as the other, that alone does not mean that a spouse did not contribute anything of value to the marriage.  Things such as child care, homemaking, and even assisting in entertaining clients and colleagues in support of the income earning spouse, are all taken into account, meaning that, with the assistance of a divorce lawyer, a party that appears to be on the financially weaker side of a power struggle can still be treated fairly in negotiations and in the courts.

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