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Three Roles of a Child Support Attorney in Shelton CT

Family talking and a boy telling a storyA child support attorney in Shelton CT is often tasked with completing different aspects of a child support case.  Namely, the three roles that a child support attorney in Shelton CT fulfills include:

Demander for Child Support

A child support attorney helps to establish a child support order.  This may involve showing that the father is the father of the child.  Additionally, the child support attorney may have to present evidence related to the parent’s income to the court.  After this job is fulfilled, usually the court orders a certain amount of child support to be paid.

Modifier of the Child Support Order

Parents’ incomes seldom stay static.  Things may change in a way that justifies a change in the child support order.  This may cause a modified amount of child support, one that may be higher or lower than the prior amount.A child support attorney provides a basis for the change and helps to substantiate it.

Enforcer of Child Support

If the person who is supposed to be paying child support neglects his or her duty, the child support attorney may pursue an enforcement (or contempt) action against this parent.  This entails bringing the parties back into court and giving the paying parent the opportunity to show why he or she is not abiding by the court order.

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