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Tips when Getting Started with Divorce Mediation in Shelton CT

Divorce mediation in Shelton Connecticut saves couples time, money and frustration that they would likely encounter through the litigation process.  In order to have a successful divorce mediation in Shelton Connecticut, it is important that they start off on the right foot.  These steps can help lay the foundation for cooperation:

Be Respectful

A cornerstone of any successful mediation session is that the partTeam of casual looking business people having business meeting aies show mutual respect for each other.  They can accomplish this by avoiding negative communication patterns that plagued their relationship and substituting this for more positive methods such as listening calmly and not interrupting to help bolster communication.  One simple way to accomplish this is by acting in a more business-like manner rather than from an emotional or blame placing perspective.

Avoid Ultimatums

Do not walk into mediation and execute ultimatums.  This is likely to be met with confrontation which will get you nowhere.  Instead, have an open mind about the process and avoid making any hard lines at the beginning.  Additionally, do not outright reject any proposals and instead take the time to explore a variety of options before narrowing them down.

Voluntarily Make Disclosures

During the course of divorce, you will be required to disclose a variety of information, including financial information.  Therefore, it makes little sense to withhold information that will ultimately be disclosed anyway during mediation.  By providing information voluntarily, you instill trust in the other party and are more likely to pave the way for compromise than if you are to try and stonewall information.

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