Children’s Remedy For A Toxic Divorce

In the cult classic ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’, we saw Robin Williams go to extraordinary lengths to shield his children from a toxic divorce. While you don’t have to dress up and pretend to be a nanny to shield your children, it’s important that you take measures to mitigate the impact of a divorce.

Children often blame themselves for divorce. Toxic divorces have a devastating impact on a child’s mental health. Do your best to shield them from the damage by following these tips:

1.   Keep them Away from the Courtroom

Divorce is messy and that becomes amplified in the courtroom. Attorneys for both spouses often smear the other in order to gain an upper hand. The courtroom is a battleground and children quickly become casualties if they are present. So, keep them far, far, away from this toxic environment.

2.   Don’t Argue in Front of the Kids

Divorce is bitter and feelings rush to the surface when spouses meet face-to-face. Snarky comments and full-on arguments are equal in a child’s eyes, so it’s essential that you behave cordially in front of them. Your child has nothing to do with the divorce and should be spared from its toxicity. 

3.   Don’t Force Children to Deliver Messages

Communication is extremely convenient in today’s world so there’s absolutely no reason to have children deliver messages. Forcing a child to be a messenger drags them through the minefield left behind from divorce and it will negatively affect their mental health.  

4.   Communicate with your Child

If the child is old enough to understand divorce, then both parents should together sit down and discuss it, without telling the child adult business. Explain things likethat no matter what happens, both parents will always love and be there for the children. That there may be some changes to routines and perhaps living arrangements, and that you will inform them when a change occurs. Communication softens the blow and spares them from having to hear it from another source.

You can also avoid a long drawn-out divorce by hiring a divorce lawyer focused on ensuring an amicable divorce occurs whenever possible. Hirsch Legal, LLC specializes in divorce and family law. Our lead attorney,Carmina K. Hirsch, Esq.,is an experienced child custody attorney in Connecticut. Additionally, our specialized team are experienced in all aspects of divorce, so if you are looking to get through this messy situation as unscathed as possible, give us a call.

Hirsch Legal, LLC is based in Shelton, Connecticut and we serve New Haven County, upper Fairfield County, and all surrounding areas, including West Haven, Milford, Orange, Ansonia, Seymour, Oxford, Derby. If you want an experienced law firm with a track record in child custody law, then don’t hesitate to call us!  

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