Is It Possible To Keep Divorce Out Of The Courtroom?

Not every divorce must be taken to the extremes we see plastered all over media. Sometimes both parties behave amicably, and the divorce doesn’t spill over into the courtroom. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need the services of an Oxford, CT divorce lawyer. No matter how amicable a divorce is, there are still disputes that must be resolved.

It’s important to note that although lawyers are not directly involved in many of these proceedings, they still advise their clients and help protect their interests.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation involves a third-party mediator who is impartial to either side. They help you come to an agreement on the major aspects involved in the divorce. However, an Oxford, CT divorce lawyer still serves as an advisor, also known as review counsel or legal coach, before signing any agreements.

Mediation works when both spouses hope to separate amicably and need to stay on good terms. For instance, if a child is involved, then mediation can lead to a positive outcome that doesn’t leave either side feeling bitter or resentful.

It only works if both spouses are capable of communicating civilly and trust that the other party will disclose all information voluntarily. Again, never sign an agreement without consulting with a lawyer.

Litigated Divorce

This is the most common divorce method. To reach a settlement that avoids trial, a litigated process also requires both spouses to eventually agree on every issue. If that’s done, then a bitter courtroom confrontation can be avoided. However, if just one issue cannot be agreed on by both parties, then a Judge will have to make the decision for you after a trial.

Even though litigated divorce is a common practice, you still need an attorney present to make sure you’re not getting trapped into making a bad decision. Chances are that your spouse will seek the advice of an attorney so you should do the same.

What are the Next Steps?

Always protect yourself from the tricky maneuvers that trap so many divorced spouses. You don’t want to sign a document that due to your ignorance compels you to pay lifetime alimony or some other unreasonable demand. You’d be surprised at the number of divorcees who actually fall prey to this sort of maneuver.

Protect your future by hiring a skilled divorce lawyer in Oxford, Connecticut. Hirsch Legal, LLC led by Carmina K. Hirsch, Esq., are highly experienced in Connecticut divorce and family law. Let us serve as your shield and help you protect your future. Give us a call today!

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