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Important Functions of a Divorce Lawyer in Shelton CT

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With complex state laws regarding family law issues such as property division, child support and child custody, filing for divorce is best left to an experienced divorce lawyer in Shelton Connecticut.  A divorce lawyer in Shelton Connecticut serves many important functions and can complete a variety of tasks for his or her clients such as:

Representing Them in Court

Filing for and being awarded a divorce requires strict adherence to family laws and court procedures.  A divorce lawyer can help parties during court proceedings by using his or her legal knowledge and advocacy skills.  Whether the case is contested or uncontested, this is a job best left to a professional.

Filing for Separation or Divorce

Before a court will have the right to order divorce, one of the parties must file a summons, complaint, automatic orders, and other requisite documents in the proper jurisdiction asking for this relief and establishing grounds for divorce or separation.

Answering a Divorce Complaint

After a spouse has filed for divorce, the other spouse has a limited time to provide an answer and cross complaint.

Negotiating a Parenting Plan

A divorce lawyer may assist with working out a plan regarding custody, visitation and parenting access, and other decisions related to the children.  This plan may be put in place while the divorce is pending (pendente lite) or may apply after the divorce is finalized.

Work Out a Property Settlement Agreement

In Connecticut, the court uses the standard of “fair and equitable” in determining how to divide the marital estate, which leaves a lot of room for interpretation.  Often, parties are able to come to an agreement making all decisions on who gets what in order to save on the legal expenses of litigating those issues or ending up at trial where a Judge will make those decisions for you.

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