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6 Mistakes People Make During a Divorce

Understandably, some couples are angry and hurt as they file for divorce.  Unfortunately, many individuals become blinded by their emotions, and make irrational decisions during this time that can damage their case.  If you are going through a divorce in Connecticut, keep these tips in mind.

Listen to your attorney.  Your attorney’s job is to offer objective, rational advice throughout the case.  If your attorney says that certain actions should or should not be taken, you should follow that advice.

Do not play games.  When your spouse’s attorney asks for certain documents during the case, or seeks certain information, do not pretend that you do not have it or cannot get it.  Such behavior is not tolerated well by judges.  Similarly, if your attorney asks you for certain documents or information, provide it in a timely manner.

Remain honest throughout the divorce process.  You may be held in contempt of court or be ordered to pay your spouse’s attorneys’ fees if you are caught providing false information in written form or sworn testimony, or violating a court order.

You must be open with your attorney about the good and the bad.  If you made mistakes during the marriage, own up to them so that your attorney may prepare accordingly.

Similarly, stay in touch with your attorney and keep your attorney informed as to issues you and your spouse discuss so that your attorney may take appropriate action when necessary.

Under no circumstances should you involve your children in the case.  Certainly, they will know that things are changing, and its good practice for parties to together discuss how those changes will impact your children’s daily schedule, but do not share adult information or talk about issues in the case, and never talk disparagingly about your spouse to your children or in earshot of your children.

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