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An Annulment Lawyer or Divorce Lawyer?

An Annulment Lawyer or Divorce Lawyer?


“I don’t want a divorce, I want an annulment!”

Some people would prefer pursuit of an alternative to divorce for religious or personal reasons. When such persons want to dissolve their marriages, they typically make an appeal to ecclesiastical authorities for annulment of the marriage on grounds such as fraud regarding fertility issues, non-consummation of the marriage, bigamy, incest, unsound or impaired mind, or forced marriage.

Because of religious and other social stigmas associated with divorce, there exists a legal procedure called “civil annulment” which can declare a marriage null and void and which may be granted following a (non-legally valid) Church annulment, which in some cases may take many years to obtain.

For obvious reasons, most annulments are requested immediately or soon after marriage, but it is possible to seek an annulment even after years of living together as husband and wife. In such cases, child custody and property settlements are handled largely in the same way as in a normal divorce proceeding.

One widely-touted advantage to choosing annulment over divorce is the perception that it would be easier to remarry a devout Catholic and/or have a future marriage ceremony able to take place within the walls of a church. There may also be moral reasons, such as the desire to completely disassociate your name from that of a criminally fraudulent individual.

When weighing the pros and cons of divorce and annulment, you need to seek legal advice from a reputable divorce lawyer. Shelton-based Hirsch Legal, LLC, one of Connecticut’s leading firms in the field of divorce and family law, can help you decide the most expeditious, convenient, and cost-effective way to terminate a marriage to assist you in preparing and/or defending your case for annulment (if that is indeed the best option in your circumstances).

Attorney Carmina K. Hirsch (formerly Tessitore) has been recognized by her peers and by her loyal clients as a leading divorce lawyer in Connecticut. If you need legal advice on issues related to divorce, annulment, or child custody and support issues, and you live in or near Bridgeport, Westport, Danbury, Stamford or New Haven, give us a call today!

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