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Some reasons people cite for moving to Connecticut are the high quality of life, the competency of the school systems, and the family-friendly communities in and around Trumbull, Shelton, Milford, and Danbury.

Unfortunately, even in a family-friendly place like Connecticut, factors such as emotional instability and abuse, financial issues, mid-life crises of one kind or another, and the negative influence of third parties, can lead to the breakdown of a marriage resulting in divorce.

When a couple has children, their mutual responsibilities and obligations to meet their children’s needs do not end when their romantic relationship does. Children thrive best when they have continuing emotional and financial support from both their parents until they reach the age of majority, and often their needs extend beyond that, as higher education is practically a requirement for success in today’s world and many children (even though over 18) cannot yet support themselves through those crucial years.

For the custodial parent, taking care of a young child is not a trivial burden, and can indeed be massively expensive in many suburbs of Connecticut, where the public transportation infrastructure is inadequate to the needs of a full-time working mom or a single dad commuting long distances to work every day; where grocery bills and medical expenses are significant; where daycare, babysitting, private school tuition and after-school programs and sports requires considerable economic resources.

Every marriage begins with a certain set of expectations about the future; expectations relating to children however should not be diminished simply because the marriage has broken down. Children, who represent society’s best hope, are entitled to protection and support from their parents. In practical terms, this responsibility is negotiated between the parties and enforced by a Court in the form of a parenting plan as to child custody and visitation parameters, and in the form of a separation agreement regarding all aspects of financial support of the children including child support, out of pocket percentage costs for medical and work-related childcare, medical insurance coverage, and post-secondary educational costs.

Child support is not a right of or entitlement for a parent – rather it is the right of a child to be supported by a percentage of both parent’s combined income. In its simplest form, child support is determined by taking each parents’ gross income minus allowable deductibles and health insurance premiums, and inserting same into a complex numerical formula outlined by statute which will identify the presumptive weekly child support amount, as well as percentages to be split between the parents for out-of-pocket costs.

Shelton-based attorney Carmina (Tessitore) Hirsch, one of Connecticut’s leading family law and divorce attorneys, is your ideal guide through the intricate and myriad options available that will best serve the unique circumstances of fashioning settlements to meet your children’s financial needs. Year after year, she has been recognized by clients and her peers as one of Connecticut’s top attorneys.

She will help you craft settlement proposals that will provide appropriate financial stability for your children based on the totality of the circumstances surrounding your matter. It is generally in the best interests of both parties to avoid the time consuming and costly process of litigating each issue to completion, which is why the Courts encourage parties to reach settlement agreements wherever possible. However, if settlement negotiations have been exhausted to no avail and a hearing or trial is your only option, Carmina has been recognized by clients and peers for her litigation tactics and prowess in the courtroom. Contact her today to schedule your consultation.

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