Attitudes Have Changed

Many people hold on to a bad marriage because they are afraid of the perceived social stigma that supposedly accrues to divorced people. Even when they do decide to go through with divorce, they often do so furtively, as if they are committing a great crime.

One of the legacies of the protest movements of the Sixties and other great social movements since then is that these days, just about anything goes. Marriages between siblings and polygamy/polyandry aside, just about any conceivable social or living arrangement is now considered, if not acceptable, at least unobjectionable.

Unlike fifty or even ten years ago, you would have to be some kind of pariah if you don’t have LGBTQ people, divorced people, anti-sex league members, incels, confirmed bachelorettes and several other variations of these basic categories in your family and social circle.

These days, a divorce need not represent the failure of your life, nor is it a crime to want a change in your marital status. That said, seeking a divorce is a decision that may have serious consequences not only for your spouse, but also for your children, your relatives by marriage, and mutual friends.

It is impossible to wish away some of the inevitable unpleasant side effects of divorce, but approaching your divorce with the same serious attitude and generosity of spirit you bring to everything else in your life may smooth the impact both on yourself and on your extended family.

Divorce lawyers generally enjoy a well-deserved reputation for an uncompromising and confrontational demeanor, but just as attitudes have changes in society in general, legal advisors have smoothed out some of the rough edges that so often rubbed people the wrong way.

Hirsch Legal, LLC prides itself on being at the forefront of the “kinder, gentler, more compassionate” divorce lawyer image makeover. In all our communications, whether with our clients or with our adversaries in Court, we insist on the highest standards of professional courtesy and respect. Our principal attorney, Carmina Hirsch, is so thoroughly versed in the rules and traditions and precedents of Connecticut divorce law that she does not need to rely on unsavory tactics – bluffing, intimidation, exaggeration, and other unnecessarily aggressive maneuvers that cause more harm than good – in order to prevail in the overwhelming majority of her cases, by reaching her client’s reasonable goals efficiently and cost effectively. Indeed, most of her cases are settled out of court, often before a trial even begins; and increasingly, both spouses have such confidence in her ability that they choose Hirsch Legal, LLC as a mediator, thus avoiding the need for litigation altogether.

Each case is different, but in every case, you are best off with a lawyer who makes the effort to understand the nuances of how your case differs from every other. From our offices in Shelton, we serve clients in New Haven and Fairfield County. If you live in Bridgeport, Danbury, Westport, Stamford, Milford, Waterbury, or the surrounding cities and you are dealing with a matter that requires advice on divorce, custody, or other family law related topic, please call us for an appointment.

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