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Fairfield County Connecticut Divorce Lawyers Have Seen It All

Fairfield County Connecticut Divorce Lawyers Have Seen It All

Can my brother or sister sue me for divorce?

Divorce, found under the umbrela topic of family law, is a civil proceeding. While the sentiment in America is that anyone can sue anybody for anything provided the aggrieved party has the money to pay, there are limitations on who can file what and the type of action that can be filed in Connecticut Superior Court.

There are instances in other states and countries where a non-spousal party sues for ‘divorce.’ Examples of this is children seeking to ‘divorce’ their parents (the legal action to emancipate in Connecticut is different than a divorce proceeding and in a different court setting), and putative heirs to a billion-dollar fortune who want to annul a sham marriage to a stripper. In Connecticut, however, generally only spouses sue for divorce.

Connecticut is a small state, but has seen it all: Donald Trump’s Bridgeport home was ceded to Ivana Trump in a 1991 divorce settlement; Tiffany Stevens, in the midst of an agonizing divorce, spoke with hitmen about killing her husband; New York celebrity divorce attorney William Beslow brought antics to Middletown and was sanctioned $35k for doing so. Each divorce case is as unique as the parties’ personalities; some are epic battles, while others calm and amicable.

Judges do not look kindly on people (or attorneys) who file frivolous lawsuits, even if newspaper editors love them, but failure to respond to a lawsuit of any kind may result in a default judgment or other awards or penalties levied against you.

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