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Financial Documents Needed For Divorce

If you are contemplating divorce, you should gather the financial documents your attorney will need:

All federal and state income tax returns filed within the last three years.

Detailed listing of all business interests and holdings.

IRS forms W-2, 1099 and K-1 within the last three years.

Copies of all pay stubs or other evidence of income for the current year and the last pay stub from the past year.

Statements for all accounts maintained with any financial institution in which your name appears on said account, including banks, brokers and financial managers, and trust accounts, for the past 36 months.

The most recent statement showing any interest in any Keogh, IRA, profit sharing plan, deferred compensation plan, pension plan, or retirement account.

The most recent statement regarding any insurance on the life of any party.

A summary furnished by the employer of the party’s medical insurance policy, coverage and cost of coverage.

Detailed listing of all real property, including investment property.

Copies of all rental agreements with tenants for all real property, including investment property.

Accounting of all rental income received for all real property, including investment property.

Copies of current mortgage statement(s) for all real property.

A current financial affidavit.

There remains a continuing duty to disclose updated information as it comes in during your matter. Getting organized at the beginning will help you stay in compliance throughout.

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