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Importance of Prenuptial Agreement for Same Sex Marriage in Shelton CT

While individuals in some parts of the country did not receive the right to same sex marriage until 2015, same sex marriage in Shelton Connecticut and other areas throughout the state has been permitted since 2008. However, in the legal world, this is still only a small amount of time. As such, same sex marriage in Shelton Connecticut can raise important legal questions. Creating a prenuptial agreement before any legal challenge arises can help demonstrate the intentions of the parties.

Same sex couples may have children from previous marriages or relationships. If this is the case, the parent may feel the need to protect children from these previous relationships. A prenuptial agreement is one way to effectuate this goal. A prenuptial agreement allows a person to decide who will inherit his or her belongings upon death. This agreement can also set out provisions regarding the distribution of property in the event of divorce. By using such an agreement, a person can safeguard assets for his or her children or other heirs.

Same sex couples may also want to establish a co-parenting agreement that details how children will be treated. If one of the spouses already has a child, the intent may be for the parties to both act as parents. Having this conversation can lead into making decisions about adoption or visitation rights if the marriage dissolves.

When negotiating a prenuptial agreement, it is important for both spouses to have their own legal representation to protect each spouse’s respective legal interests.

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