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Legal Separation in Shelton CT 101

DivorceParties who are contemplating divorce but are not quite ready for it may decide instead to file for a legal separation in Shelton Connecticut.  Connecticut law specifically provides for a legal separation decree.  There are important things to know about legal separation in Shelton Connecticut before forging ahead with the process.

In Connecticut, to become legally separated, one must file the pleadings in court like one would for divorce.  The parties must then work out an agreement involving the legal aspects of their separation, such as child custody, child support, property division and spousal support.  Parents must attend a parenting education program.  If the parties cannot agree on the terms of their separation, they can litigate the case and have a Judge decide those things.   At any point during the legal separation, the parties can decide to get back together and declare a resumption of marital relations with the court to cancel out the separation agreement.

For parties who get legally separated and then later decide to divorce, the parties can ask the court to convert the legal separation agreement or decree into the divorce decree.  This minimizes the hassle in going from a legal separation into a full-fledged divorce.

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