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Managing Divorce Stress

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Stay active.  Being active might seem counterintuitive when it comes to dealing with stress, but it actually gives your body the right balance of energy and clarity that you need to function in your daily life. Go for a bike ride, work out at the gym, run, swim, or do yoga. Anything you can come up with to keep your body active will be beneficial to the mind.

Set goals.  Both short-term and long-term goals are vital to dealing with stress. These keep your mind focused and confident as you move from one challenge to the next.

Learn how to use your alone time wisely.  Many people fail at alone time by either filling their every moment with distractions or  turning downtime into lonely time. Instead of dwelling on the negatives of the past when your mind is left to wander in the quiet of life, you should consider ways that you can move toward a positive future. Meditating about what you’d like to accomplish going forward, creating a vision board focused on attracting good things into your life, and making a ‘bucket list’ is all helpful for shifting a negative perspective into positive energy.

And if you must do something, it’s always a good idea to curl up with a good book,  work on your journaling, and treat yourself to a spa day.

Stress can pile on or it can work to your advantage depending on how you work with it – so treat yourself kindly and practice self-care.

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