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Politics Has Increasingly Become A Reason For Divorce

Politics Has Increasingly Become A Reason For Divorce


My spouse has Trump Derangement Syndrome. I no longer recognize the person I married, and I want out!

Politics has divided families since long before the rise of Donald Trump, but the political extremism of many Trump supporters, and their equally strident opponents, has been a bonanza for the divorce business on a scale seldom seen before. Elections have consequences and one of the casualties of our recent polarized election may well be your marriage.

Many people can live together amicably with partners whose political views are diametrically opposed to theirs, but others feel that their spouse’s political leanings and attitudes represent a constant affront to every value they hold dear.

It’s hard to imagine someone going to Divorce Court because his or her spouse has different ideas about healthcare or tax policy. Now that we’ve seen a shift in the political arena and the aggressive rhetoric of the country as a whole has amped up, that same derision seeps into marital units as well, and views on issues like racism, xenophobia, misogyny and nuclear brinksmanship; or calls for open borders, marijuana legalization, and impeachment from the other side, can be viewed as a reason for the breakdown in a marriage.

Hirsch Legal, LLC represents people on both sides of the political divide. We recognize that political incompatibility may be one of the underlying causes, if not the driving force, of “irretrievable breakdown” that doom a marriage. Whatever the root cause of your alienation from your spouse, we are ready to provide you with legal advice that will help you exit your marriage on terms that preserve your personal dignity, honor your joint obligations to your children, and secure your financial viability post-divorce.

Attorney Carmina Hirsch (formerly Tessitore), has earned wide recognition as one of Connecticut’s top attorneys in divorce and family law. Our practice is focused on representation of clients in Fairfield and New Haven County. Our Shelton office is a quick drive away from Bridgeport, Westport, Danbury, Stamford and many other Fairfield County towns. If you are confronted with a divorce or child custody matter, call us today for a consultation!

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