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Protect your Assets During a Messy Divorce

Protect your Assets During a Messy Divorce

Mark Anthony shouts, “Cry ‘Havoc!’ , and let slip the dogs of war,” in the third act of the famous Shakespeare play Julius Caesar. Divorce can feel often like a warzone, so who will be theGeneral who will protect your assets?

Divorce is usually centered on two main factors – child custody and division of financial assets and debts.

You can bet your spouse will go to extraordinary lengths to protect his assets during the divorce. You must do the same. Here are some helpful tipsto help you prepare.

Separate Property

Separate property, depending on how and when acquired, could be exempt from division of the marital estate. A clever attorney will look for loopholes to drag them into the divorce case. Generally speaking, pre-marital assets, like retirement assets accrued prior to marriage, certain gifts, and inherited property,could beshielded. However, if you co-mingle separate property with marital assets, then everything could be subject to division.

Remove Agreed Upon Personal Property

Personal property that is agreed upon should be removed from the marital home when you move out. If you leave items behind to retrieve at a later date, a vengeful spouse could potentially destroy these items just to get back at you. Without a court order dividing and listing out each item of your personal property, or a paper trail proving those items existed and what they were worth, you may have difficulty seeking restitutionfor the damaged goods.

Keep Original Documentation

Divorce is a marathon. Part of that marathon is the discovery process which requires each party to obtain records and provide them to the other side continuously until the end of the case. If you do not have documentation to support the claims you wish to make, then you will have greater difficulty than if you did. Keeping a paper trail of what you own and when acquired is key in the divorce process.

Further protect your assets by hiring a New Haven divorce lawyer. Hirsch Legal, LLC specializes in divorce and family law. We can help you place your case in the best light.If divorce is a warzone, don’t go into battle alone! Contact us today to find an experienced divorce lawyer in New Haven, Connecticut.

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