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Review Counsel Services & Advice in Shelton, Connecticut, CT (Fairfield County Connecticut, CT)

Review Counsel Services & Advice in Shelton, Connecticut, CT (Fairfield County Connecticut, CT)


Some people choose mediation versus litigation because they know it can be more cost effective and time efficient.  In selecting a mediator or mediation firm it is crucial to do your homework and research whether it is the right fit for you. Nearly anyone can hang a shingle and offer mediation services, many of which have no training in mediation, no training in providing legal services, and no familiarity with the family court system.

The court has strict requirements and procedures for obtaining a divorce, including among others requisite documents to be filed and documents to be exchanged/reviewed by the parties. All settlement agreements must also pass muster with the Judge, who needs to make a finding that the agreement is fair and equitable given all the facts and circumstances of your unique case.

When a party to a mediation is not represented by counsel, he/she can feel as though they have no one to turn to ensure the agreement terms are appropriate and/or to assist them with the requisite court filings/procedures.  Having a well-qualified attorney review your documents, advise you on positives/negatives of each choice, and/or even join in on some of your mediation sessions, helps quell those concerns and can get you to a satisfactory final settlement. This type of limited representation is called having “review counsel.” In our experience, clients with review counsel have a better outcome during the mediation process to ensure everything is done right.

Review Counsel services are generally provided utilizing a lower retainer than litigation counsel, based on the understanding that the lawyer is neither expected nor obligated to represent you in Court. For review counsel, the workload is much less than what is involved in preparing and defending a case. For the client, the costs are exponentially smaller than legal expenses for a matter leading to a divorce trial.

Shelton-based Hirsch Legal LLC has years of experience in Review Counsel services. Our principal attorney, Carmina Hirsch, has represented many satisfied clients with regards to Connecticut divorce and family law. If you live in New Haven, Danbury, Stamford, Westport or Bridgeport, or in another of the nearby Fairfield County towns, consider us as your source of legal advice for navigating issues related to your divorce.

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