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Special Considerations for Mediation Involving Same Sex Marriage in Shelton CT

Pride FlagGay and lesbian couples who are going through divorce or separation may have special considerations that heterosexual couples do not.  Mediation of issues involving same sex marriage in Shelton Connecticut can resolve issues particular to these considerations.  Mediation of same sex marriage in Shelton Connecticut issues can provide clarity and finality.

One particular concern of gay and lesbian couples going through divorce or separation is that the couple may have been together long before their union was considered legal.  With heterosexual couples, there is a straightforward approach to untangling property rights. However, many gay and lesbian couples may have lived together and comingled their property well before a marriage.  Mediation can help the couple find reasonable solutions to these problems that take into account special factors such as how certain property was accumulated and the legal ramifications of same.

Another important consideration in gay and lesbian marriage relates to the children.  In many situations, only one parent is the biological parent in these relationships, and the other may or may not have formally adopted the children.  The couple may have had the children together by both contributing an egg or sperm with the biological identity of the child being unknown.  Often laws lag behind technology.  Mediation allows the parties to reach their own agreement even if the law would have resulted in different findings.  This way, the couple can be in charge of their own destiny.

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