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The Coming Divorce Rush

The Coming Divorce Rush


As Chinese cities begin to relax confinement rules, divorce rates are skyrocketing. The most common explanation for this in the media is that quarantines and stay-at-home rules often had the effect of killing whatever residual affection there was between many spouses whose marriages were on the rocks.

As America beings the process of re-opening the economy, some social observers have said that the same thing could well happen here. Being cooped up with the same person for months on end can certainly exacerbate any pre-existing tensions. When you add to that the fact that the virus has caused tremendous economic dislocations, including massive job and investment losses, we may well see the divorce courts overwhelmed when social distancing rules relax and the legal system fully reopens.

Speculation is rife that we are living through a brief period of calm before the coming divorce rush. The last quarter of 2021 may well see more divorce filings than any comparable period in U.S. history.

If you feel that your marriage is headed for dissolution in the near future, don’t wait until the last minute to get up to speed on your legal rights and settlement options. While it may be frustrating to have to proceed with a divorce suit at a time when the courts are operating on a limited basis, exploring your options and preparing your legal strategy may pay off handsomely once the courtroom doors once again fully swing open. If you are ready to proceed with your case once the judges are back, you may be able to shave months off the time it takes to reach an eventual settlement.

Another way to achieve an expeditious divorce, while also saving money, is to submit your case to an experienced divorce mediator, who can steer you and your spouse to a mutually acceptable settlement that a judge can approve even now while the courts are operating in a limited capacity.

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