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The Divorce that Never Ends

The Divorce that Never Ends

It is a common misconception that the signing of a divorce agreement marks the end of a marriage and the beginning of a new life untethered to the whims of your ex-spouse. For many people without children, there may be some truth in that statement; but there are enough exceptions to this rule to make it not a rule.

Just like a marriage, a divorce can be “broken” and need repair. Whether it is a parent who doesn’t want to pay child support; a spouse who is working “off the books” so he/she can continue to claim alimony; a party who refuses to sell the house inherited from a parent; or a parent whose visitations are marked by allegations of child abuse, situations sometimes arise that require post-judgment legal action to enforce, amend, or even modify the settlement agreement.

You may find your credit rating impacted negatively by decisions your ex-spouse takes after your divorce; you may have trouble finding a job because of nasty social media posts shared by a vindictive ex; you may find that your children are being systematically turned against you. There are a million things that a disgruntled divorcée might try in a desperate and vindictive attempt to get you back or harm your reputation in society.

At Hirsch Legal, LLC, not all of our repeat business comes from clients who have married, moved on, and now find themselves eager to dissolve a new marriage. Many of our re-activated case files come as the client realizes either that modifications to the settlement agreement are needed based on a substantial change in circumstances, or that the other party has not met his/her obligations and a contempt issue has arisen. Whether it is unpaid child support arrears, unworkable visitation schedules, internet harassment, or discovery of fraudulent activity that calls the settlement into question, we will do our best to help you rectify the situation.

Whether we represented you during the matter, or you feel you need a fresh set of eyes and new counsel to review and amend your settlement agreement post-judgment, you will find no better-qualified person to represent you than Attorney Carmina Hirsch, our principal attorney, whose experience in the intricacies of Connecticut divorce and family law will ensure an efficient post-judgment process. If you live in New Haven or Fairfield County (Danbury, Milford, Bridgeport, Trumbull), and need representation on post-judgment issues arising from a divorce settlement, don’t hesitate to call!

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