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Benefits of a Mediated Divorce

You Control The Cost And The Outcome Of Your Divorce

With the help and guidance of a divorce mediator, couples are able to manage their anger and disagreements in order to stay focused on the best way to settle their divorce instead of fighting in court.  Once parties realize they’re in control of the process and the outcome, the motivation to settle to keep costs down is great, making the mediation process smoother and faster.

Mediated Agreements Last

Studies show that couples who use divorce mediation to create a divorce settlement are more successful at abiding by the terms and not returning to court later.

You’ll Save A Lot of Money When You Both Need It Most

Contentious divorces and child custody battles can last years and cost a fortune. After all that time and money spent, the results you get from the court may not be what you’d hoped. It’s always better to try a mediated settlement.

Mediation Is Confidential & Private

To encourage the use of mediation, much of the mediation process is confidential.

You Won’t Destroy Your Relationship Fighting In Court

People become fearful, stressed and angry in litigated divorces, which distracts from jobs, health, and can even put parties at odds with friends and family.  The use of mediation can help you feel more in control and it will further assist your relationship after the divorce is finalized, as you’ll walk away with constructive conflict resolution skills that you can then apply to issues that arise post divorce.  This is especially helpful if you share children.


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