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Filing for divorce, or being served with a divorce proceeding, is often an emotionally difficult situation for families, even in the most amicable of circumstances. Divorce can mean financial asset and debt allocation, division of real estate and personal property, changes to where you or your children reside, and creating a plan for the custody and parenting access/visitation of your children that have long term implications. Many divorcing couples in New Haven and Fairfield County have high net worth estates and complicated financial or business structures that require sophisticated discovery tools and vetting to ensure the parties know the full value of all that exists in the marital estate when negotiating a settlement or preparing for a hearing or trial.

To navigate these difficult waters successfully, you need a legal advisor who can help prepare your court documents, strategize your negotiating position, advocate on your behalf, and prepare your case for trial should a negotiated settlement not be reached. We will work with you to address all your needs, including critical matters such as child support, custody, parenting access time, equitable distribution of assets and debts, alimony, and property division.

Utilizing alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and collaborative methods, we can help you transition to the next chapter of your life smoothly. When circumstances call for a more aggressive approach in the form of divorce litigation, our client's outcomes and testimonials stand as a testament to our effectiveness. Achieving your goals cost-effectively and with minimal emotional impact to you and the ones you love is our top priority.

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