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Why Hire A Local Fairfield County Divorce Lawyer Instead of a New York Big Shot?

Why Hire A Local Fairfield County Divorce Lawyer Instead of a New York Big Shot?


I can afford a name-brand attorney from New York. Why should I settle for a local Connecticut firm?

Why Hire A Local Fairfield County Divorce Lawyer?

I can afford a name-brand attorney like those on T.V. – why should I settle for a local Connecticut firm?

Hiring a nationally-renowned attorney to handle your local Connecticut divorce may be a great way to get your name in the paper, but it does not necessarily make your case a slam-dunk in your favor.

A media personality who also works as an attorney may not be as well-versed in the nuances of Connecticut divorce and family law (like a local Fairfield County Family Court Attorney would be) nor do they know the local Judges’ prefernces nor the unique requirements and practices in local courts. They may also not be licensed in Connecticut, causing you to also pay for local counsel to work with them in order to qualify to practice in the state pro hac vice.

For example, Rudy Giuliani had a fine career as a mob prosecutor and a New York City mayor, but he has shown himself to be unsuccessful when it comes to divorce courts.

Except in rare circumstances, a fancy lawyer is not going to intimidate opposing counsel nor the Judge into going along with your every demand. If you want to maximize your chances of achieving a successful divorce settlement, or a successful decision after a hearing or trial, you should hire a local legal advisor and advocate who knows Connecticut divorce and family law and who has experience working with the Judges and courts in your jurisdiction.

While Attorney Carmina K. Hirsch, Esq. cannot claim to have the clout of the renowned Gloria Allred at the 21 Club, her peers in the Connecticut State Bar have repeatedly selected her as a “Super Lawyer Connecticut Rising Star,” and she is widely recognized thanks to her publications, curriculum developed for bar association CLE and seminars, her speeches as local events, and her outstanding track record in court.

Hirsch Legal, LLC has represented clients in divorce and custody cases as counsel for litigation, as review counsel for mediations, as mediator for parties seeking mediation in lieu of a litigated approach, and can help you effectively negotiate an appropriate settlement or take your matter to trial if agreement cannot be reached.

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